Why FreeBSD?

Before going into why FreeBSD is now my preferred OS for learning UNIX let's review why I used Linux for a long time.

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Why Learn Erlang?

I am a Pythonista by trade and passion. It was the first language - after trying C, Java, and Perl - that made me feel productive while loving the (admittedly beginner-crappy) code I wrote. I don't claim to be a Python expert but I have worked with it long enough to be well versed in it for most use cases. And yet I feel like trying my hand at another language.

I have dithered on the decision to pick a language and stick with it. My interest has been pulled in three directions over the past couple years: Go, Erlang, and Rust. I even tried my hand at each language for a couple days before life happened.

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Deciding What to Learn Next is Hard

I have an ever present restlessness when it comes to figuring out what to learn next. It's a source of agitation and sometimes stress. It's even more unhealthy when I feel that way at times when I can do nothing about it, especially during some much needed downtime.

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Missing the Point of Free Software

I have come across various myths about free and open source software or as some call it FOSS. Some of the more prevalent are:

  • FOSS is gratis and it is not FOSS if it is not gratis
  • It is not FOSS if it has a Cathedral development process
  • Creators and maintainers are obligated to include user patches in upstream source tree
  • Creators and maintainers are obligated to provide gratis support to all users on the users' schedule
  • Copyleft code is free software and permissively licensed code is not
  • Free software begins and ends at Linux or GNU (to some extent)

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