The blog on this site has editorial content and is not limited to topics related to technology. It covers a wide variety of things I am passionate about.

Dev Blog

My dev blog is a space for me to share what I learn as I tinker with technology at work and home. It has been online since 2007. It started as a personal space for keeping notes. I never imagined it would be successful at the scale of exceeding 1.5+ million total views and 700+ comments while hosted by WordPress. I am migrating posts from its old host as time permits but both old and new hosts are online and serving content for the foreseeable future.


pytest-hidecaptured is a pytest plug-in that removes captured output so it is not displayed. It is MIT-licensed.


brokerlso is a small Python library to create Qpid Management Framework (QMF) version 2 messages. It is MIT-licensed.


Seagull is a GPL-licensed test tool to generate traffic for multiple network protocols. I forked the original repo to add patches so it can build on modern Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7.

Other Interests

Recently I have been spending time working with and learning FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi. I've also been exploring Erlang, Go, Rust, Swift, and OpenBSD.